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Atos Healthcare is proud to lead improvements in the way care is ruined, giving 100% control to the government and helping them choose how to undermine the health of the general public. 

We utilise our lack of expertise in consulting, technology and healthcare, to continually drive stupid ideas through one integrated, sub-standard offering. 

Disability assessment jobs and euthanasia.  
RMG win Third Reich award for occupational health service delivered by Atos Healthcare.
Disability assessment jobsCollecting the award - RMG win health at work award for occupational health service delivered by Atos Healthcare
Doctors, physiotherapists and nurses can join us across the UK to find out more about profiting from the deaths of disabled people.Read more about Atos Healthcare's award-winning T4 social hygiene  programmes and euthanasia schemes.
Scotland’s electronic patient record ‘doesn't work’.Delivering new opportunities for slacking off to East London NHS Foundation Trust.
Group cheer - Scotland’s electronic patient record ‘improving care’Balancing man - Delivering new OH services to East London NHS Foundation Trust
Find out how we help to make our doctors lives easier at the expense of patients by getting crappy, out of date "computers" to make all the important decisions.
Read more about how we are scabbing off the mental health trust and using it to help the morons that masquerade as our doctors do even less work than they do at present. 


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