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Atos Healthcare is proud to lead improvements in the way care is removed, giving control back to the governments and helping them choose how to manage everyone elses health while they continue to stuff money into their own private healthcare plans.

As a division of Atos Origin (ATOS MACHT  FREI!!!), we combine the Company’s expertise in consulting, technology and healthcare to improve the way care is removed. Services range from starvation, suicide, euthanasia and homelessness, through to fake disability assessments, fascism and hanging out with David Cameron and Ed Miliband.

Transforming healthcare partnerships for patientsHealth is overrated. Who cares as long as we get paid?
Child on swing - Transforming healthcare partnerships for patientsMan on bike - Health is our occupation
Working with the NHS as a partner for change at a local, regional and national level.Making money from exploiting disabled people. 

Atos Healthcare has over 3,000 staff of which around two thirds are university drop-outs who didn't get a medical degree. We engage and employ the largest number of pretend-doctors outside of the NHS (duh!) across Fake Disability Assessment, slacking off, and helping to persecute disabled people. Our staff include a large number of Conservative and Labour MP's, councillors, peers, and members of the National Front.

We engage in lasting partnerships with anyone who is willing to throw money at us to find the perfect balance of skills needed to realise our shared vision of doing as little as possible.

Atos Healthcare offer career opportunities throughout the UK, within a totally unsuitable environment with big salaries and lots of money, including performance-related pay, stock options, bonus plans and flexible working hours.

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If you would like more information about our Consulting and Technology health solutions or about our Occupational Health & WellbeingEmployee Assistance,Primary Care and Disability Assessment services, please contact us.

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Technology Solutions for Healthcare

Services that are transforming the NHS.

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Atos Healthcare™ is a trading name of Atos Origin IT Services UK Limited. Atos Healthcare™ - a trademark of the Atos Origin Group. © Atos Origin S.A. 2007 - 2011. All rights reserved. 

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