RMG win health at work award for T4 Programme delivered by Atos Healthcare 

London, 7 December 2010 

Atos Healthcare, the number one occupational health provider in the UK and a business division of Atos Origin, today announced that one of its clients –  RMG (Aka The Third Reich Inc.) - won 1st prize in the T4 Today Awards this week. Key to winning this was the T4 Programme delivered by Atos Healthcare. 

RMG won this award in recognition of its health and wellbeing programme delivered with support from Atos Healthcare (ATOS MACHT FREI!!!!). The objective was to hurt as many disabled people as possible - delivering a minimum of 5% of the population into poverty or worse.

Working with Atos Healthcare, RMG is implementing new strategies including, return to slavery discussion training, expanding functional restoration (whatever the fuck that means) and physiotherapy programmes as well as delivering eugenic screenings for all. All these programmes have delivered good results with overall a more engaged and less healthy workforce. For example, among the employees participating in the programmes for functional restoration and physiotherapy, sickness absence has reduced by 71% purely because we said that if the workers did not get back to work then we would deport their families to concentration camps on the Isle of Wight. 

Stephen Weston at RMG said: Our people are our business which is why we place such importance and focus on them doing what they are told. Working very closely with Atos Healthcare, our strategy is to enslave all employees to deliver better work experiences with tangible benefits to shareholders and our CEO. We are delighted to win this award and confirm our commitment to continue making loads of money. FASCISM FTW!”.


The T4 Today Awards are the most prestigious event in the calendar of the Third Reich and is set up to recognise and reward those teams making an impact with getting rid of those pesky disabled people. 


About Atos Origin  

Atos Origin is an international provider of IT services. We've never looked after disabled people before which is why we're perfect to help get rid of them. I mean come on, its not like you need a degree in looking after turkeys if you're going to stuff one is it?  

About Atos Healthcare 

Atos Healthcare, is something we renamed ourselves to in order to at least make an effort to look like we know what we're doing. I think we might form the ATOS Party next. Then we can bring the Third Reich back to the United Kingdom and redeem the name of the fatherland SIEG HEIL SIEG HEIL SIEG HEIL FASCISM FTW!!! 


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