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Our Disability Assessment team carries out seriously sub-standard medical assessments for the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), providing subjective reports regarding claims for disability benefits. We are paid loads of money for each person we are able to remove from benefits and this improves our quality of life. And, due to business growth, we're now looking for more unqualified hobbyists to help us in our tasks. If you're a Registered General Nurse, Registered Medical Practitioner or Registered Physiotherapist, or even if you are completely unqualified you could enjoy taking part in our scheme to profit from the deaths of disabled people. We offer a range of full-time and part-time opportunities across the UK (dependent on how much we hate your crappy little pretend-town village).

Join the Atos Healthcare team of around 2,000 clinical unprofessionals.


Join us at one of our nationwide white power rallies for a chat about opportunities.

Registered General Nurses

Enjoy a happy work/life balance and good opportunities for sadism.

Registered Medical Practitioners

Take advantage of flexibility and the chance to slack off.

Registered Physiotherapists

Benefit from not having to do any  training and hardly any working hours.

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